ORC-SPECIALS comprises products around the topic of waste heat utilization. We offer plants for biogas motors in the output range from 150 kW to 500 kW and generate electric energy out of waste heat. Furthermore, a drying can be attached for perfect usage. Because of the rapid development in this sector, our concepts are permanently extended and new products are launched onto the market.

What does the term ORC mean?

The abbreviation ORC stands for Organic Rankine Cycle, a procedure for the use of steam turbines, in which water is replaced by other tools. Each time the temperatures in the cycle process are too low to use water, this procedure is used.The working medium in this thermodynamic cycle process already functions at temperatures from 100 degrees Celsius and pressure far below 20 bar.

ORC plant

Nowadays, generating renewable energies is more in the focus of our society than ever before. Especially the usage of waste heat is supported and promoted nationwide. Production machines or plants which emit heat losses to the environment can be waste heat sources. The ORC plant VADO 2500 from AN-Specials uses this waste heat of biogas engines, which is directly connected to the exhaust gas stream.


The ORC technology, which is used to generate electric energy out of unused waste heat, has been known for a long time. Currently, large plants with an output range starting at 350 kW can be found on the market. Looking at this technology in the output range from 25 kW to 250 kW, it is clear that there is a market of limited size. VADO 2500 is in this output range.

VADO uses waste heat of combustion engines in the electric output range from 150 kW to 500 kW. The system design of the ORC plant VADO is modularly structured and can therefore be extended. For this purpose, a frame construction with interfaces in form of threads has been conceived. This docking sites can, for example, be used for static mounting parts, elements to make work easier or for individual customer requests. The plant is installed on a punctual foundation. Therefore, every premise is suitable.

VADO with drying

If necessary, the AN-Specials VADO2500 can be purchased with or without drying. The drying for the treatment of solids like corn silage and wood chips is directly connected to the ORC plant and can also be upgraded at a later stage.


The product line BIOGAS-Specials is focused on solutions and products for biogas plants. The variety ranges from accessory components like clamps, overflows, wall connections and dosing technologies to solids supply for biological materials. All versions can be delivered with software/control and optional with a weighing system.

CERTUS 11.xx with horizontal conveyor

This version of solids supply enables the highest volumes. Here, a distribution system which can, for example, split the solid for two fermenters, can be added subsequently. Currently, the largest realised version is the CERTUS 11.40 with a filling volume of 40 m³.

CERTUS 21.xx with inclined conveyor

The solids supply of the 21.xx series are ideal for smaller biogas plants. Here, common versions are 5 m³ to 15 m³.

CERTUS 22.xx with inclined conveyor

This type is the most commonly built plant of AN-Specials. It is ideal for medium-sized and large versions. Volumes can be realised from 15 to 35 m³.

CERTUS 31.xx with vertical conveyor

If the structural conditions require the solid to be conveyed vertically, AN-Specials has a solution.


All our products which are made out of the raw material metal with standardised production processes are summarised here. On request, these are produced in small-scale production or in high quantities.


Thanks to ultra-modern technology, AN-Specials is able to realise customer requirements for an E-Box (control cabinet, assembly box) fast and individualised. In order to reach the highest standards for this product, we put great emphasis on the correct interim storage of all elements.

Dimension (LxWxH): 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 400 mm

individually realizable:

  • - colour
  • - type of coating (varnish, powder)
  • - quantity (small-scale or large-scale production)