AN-Specials is a metal construction company which is specialised in the sector of renewable energies. The company is characterized by the innovative and future- oriented product concepts as well as the traditional processing of metal. Products which convince on the market because of their excellent quality and their elaborated functions are developed as a direct result of high dedication and motivation.


AN-Specials intends to be an innovative, creative and competent partner for our customers. Our daily business consists of the processing of special projects which deal with prompt solutions for challenging problems. In order to fulfill the more and more challenging demands, AN-Specials exemplifies a continuous improvement process in all sectors.


The Mechanical Engineering Company AN-Specials was founded in 2003 and is based in Germany. The main production site is in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Our Czech subsididary, ANS Kovo s.r.o., which was founded in 2007, is responsible for the reliable implementation there. In 2010 an expansion of the production took place in Schnellmannskreuth.
Foundation of AN-Specials GmbH in 2018.

Product Range

AN-Specials deals with the construction of plants and the manufacturing of technical machine components in the sector of external processing. Some of the products developed by AN-Specials are solids supply for biogas plants and the heart of the company, the ORC plant. Over the last 10 years, AN-Specials has developed from the extended workbench to a contract manufacturer and finally to a manufacturer of own products. These productsare related to the use of renewable energies like biogas and unused waste heat. AN-Specials ensures reliability for its customers. A high degree of efficiency can be reached thanks to well thought out and sophisticated techniques. In order to guarantee a fast repair in case of a malfunction, we put great emphasis on the systematic structure of the products.

The high quality of AN-Specials is connected to a fair relation of price and service.



AN-Specials GmbH
Neuburger Straße 1
86554 Pöttmes

Production I
AN-Specials GmbH
Unterbernbacher Straße 2
86554 Pöttmes/Schnellmannskreuth

Czech Republic:

ANS kovo s.r.o.
Domažlická 194
Plzeň 318 00


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